The mining and metallurgical industries are two of the major water consumers:

  •      iron and steel works
  •      coking plants
  •      minimetallurgical plants
  •      foundries
  •      ferroalloy plants
  •      ore concentrating plants

Facilities requiring water treatment include:

  •      power generating equipment (hot-water and steam boilers), heat and power station
  •      process water supply including water intake
  •      cooling circuits
  •      drinking water supply
  •      waste water

The water facilities of iron and steel plants are interconnected with municipal services because they have common a water supply, common heating and domestic waste water channels.

Requisite services include:


water treatment (sea water desalination, partial and deep desalination) for power generating equipment (feed water preparation for steam and hot-water boilers, waste heat recovery boilers), the greater part of manufacturing equipment of galvanic, plate rolling and tube-rolling processes;


filtration and cleaning of recycled water


feed water preparation


development of water treatment systems of the various production and enterprises (incl. zero-discharge WTP)


stabilization water treatment with chemical and nonchemical methods to prevent sedimentation and corrosion formation; adjustment of reliable water chemistry of the cooling systems, heat supply system and boiler equipment


waste water treatment of oil emulsion, saline, SAW- and chromiferous water; full elimination of the liquid discharge; reduction of the source water consumption.

Depending on the desired quality and requirements of the water, the company can apply modern and conventional water treatment technologies:

  •      Chemical Treatment (coagulation, flocculation, soda liming)
  •      Filtration on sediment, screen, cartridge and bag filters
  •      Ultrafiltration
  •      Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration
  •      Electrodeionization
  •      Ion-Exchange technology
  •      Membrane Degassing
  •      Treatment in the field of gravitational forces (sludging, centrifuga, slurry decantation)

Reconstruction and audits are carried out for existing water industry objects. Basic principles of decision making are: power efficiency, adoption of new efficient technologies, minimal ecological impact (Kyoto Protocol adherence).

LLC “HydroTech Engineering” Co Ltd performs a wide range of water treatment works on metallurgical enterprises:


process design, basic engineering, complete design (technical and economic assessment, development project, detailed engineering );


Pilot project testing;


equipment manufacturing and supply;


construction, assembly, commissioning and start-up;


staff training and service maintenance;


construction on turn-key basis of water industry objects;


construction on turn-key basis of small-scale metallurgical plants.