Membrane Degasification

Membrane Degasification

“HydroTech Engineering” Co Ltd facilitates the technology of gas removal from water with the help of hydrophobic membranes.

The Membrane Contactor design contains thousands of microporous hollow fibers knitted into an array that is tightly wound around a distribution tube with a central baffle. During operation, the liquid flows over the shellside (outer side) of the hollow fibers.

The patented Extra-Flow design incorporates a baffle in the middle of the contactor, which directs the liquid radially across the array. A strip gas or vacuum, either separately or in combination, is applied on the lumenside (inner side) of the hollow fibers. Because of its hydrophobic nature, the membrane acts as an inert support to allow intimate contact between a gas and liquid phase without dispersion. The gas/liquid interface is immobilized at the pore by applying a higher pressure to the liquid stream relative to the gas stream.

Contact element of membrane degasification



Degasification in the pharmaceuticals industry;


Production of ultrapure water for the microelectronics and photo industries;


Deaeration of feed water for nuclear power station’s steam generators;


Feed water for steam boilers;


Decarbonation for increasing of the filtration cycle of ion-exchange filters and EDI (instead of decarbonators);


Degasification in the pharmaceutical industry;


Deoxygenation from feed water in closed cooling circuits;


Removal of organic volatile compounds from liquids;


Degasification of transformer oil;


Carbonation, decarbonation and nitridation in the food industry.