Polymeric Tanks

Polymeric Tanks

Until recently, the use of polymeric materials for industrial pipelines and tanks had to be implemented with the utmost care and precision. Over time, they have proven their advantages and reliability.

Polymeric tanks have plenty advantages: resistance to corrosion and chemical damages, the absence of organic sediments, the use of modern antiseptic methods, light weight allowing for ease of installation, durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

You can find a full range of cheap standardized polyethylene tanks on the market. If you have some problems or concerns with the tank’s specifications, our specialists will be glad to help. You may benefit by having a cursory glance at the polymers’ physical and chemical characteristics in order to make your choice. We manufacture polymeric tanks with both extrusion and hot air welding. Our specialists will assist you in choosing the best technical solution of your tank’s design and material requirements; they will perform your tank’s preliminary strength testing.

We offer a full range of tanks with sizes from 1 m3 to 60 m3. We are prepared for any unconventional solutions that may arise during the engineering process.

Stages of Order Execution:


1. Receipt of order in the form of a questionnaire, technical requirements or telephone contact;


2. Primary tank selection based on its purpose, physical and chemical characteristics, customer’s specifications;


3. Constructional software strength analysis;


4. Technical and commercial proposal; providing it to the customer;


5. Order placement and product manufacturing;


6. Hydraulic pressure test;


7. Product packaging and delivery to the customer.

Hydraulic testing is performed by filling the tank and leaving it in this state for 24 hours in working condition according to initial specifications. Based on the results, a report is generated and attached to the product’s technical data.

The warranty period is 12 months on the conditions that the Customer implements all of the parameters according to the questionnaire and/or technical requirements. This warranty period may be extended upon your request and with mutual agreement between the customer and manufacturer.

We start preparing the technical and commercial proposals for tank production as soon as possible. To create the initial tank design, you can use the Tank Capacity Calculator of the Forbes Group Company (Great Britain). After you submit your e-mail, you will be able to download this software (1,7 Mb) and install it on your PC.

If you wish to order a polymeric tank, please complete the questionnaire and contact our specialists to discuss details.