Polymer-based equipment

Polymer-based equipment

Our company’s main objectives are providing solutions for the following tasks: drinking water production, process water preparation, industrial sewage water treatment, providing of water supply closed cycles and cooling circuits.

A new facility manufacturing polymeric products was opened in 2008. The products developed are aimed at the preparation of water treatment and other technical processes.

“HydroTech Engineering” Co Ltd has built its own manufacturing complex of polymer-based products. The company has purchased and installed the latest equipment from GEORG FISCHER, WEGENER, TRUMPF and other world leading companies of instrument manufacturing. Due to this, the range of our products has increased significantly.

Our high-skilled staff has been certified to European and national standards. This allows them to carry out all types of projects including welding with any kinds of polymeric materials.

Presently, only the Ukraine and CIS countries have an opportunity to perform the welding of PVDF, polypropylene pipelines and fittings by seamless welding on the Fusion machine of BCF®Plus of GEORG FISCHER production. Consequently, they take on contracts in bio pharmaceuticals, the electronic industry and other industries with high standards of materials and equipment quality.

The polymeric materials and component parts obtained from GEORG FISCHER, SIMONA, ROEHLING, AGRU are used in our manufacturing process.

The design department guarantees the highest quality of our products. Our specialists perform preliminary loading calculations and design works according to European standards.