Ion-Exchange Technology

Ion-Exchange Technology

Ion-exchange technologies can be used to facilitate systems with processes from simple softening, organic absorption and selective deionization to drastic desalination. This technology is applied to steam boilers of low and extra-high pressure, as well as in the electronic and pharmaceuticals industries. The company has experience in desalination projects utilising the Puropack (packed bed) technology.

The main principle of ion exchange is the ability of special agents (ion-exchange resins) to change the ionic composition of treated water to its required state. Ion exchange resins are insoluble macromolecular substances that enforce ion exchange reactions.

In other words, ion-exchange resins can absorb positive or negative ions in the solution and change them to equivalent amounts of other ions having the same charge. According to the sign of the charge, ion-exchange resins are divided into anion exchange resins and cation exchange resins. The ability to exchange ions is determined by their structure.

This method is applied to:


Water softening (removal of hardness) - a sodium softening process, that prevents calcium sedimentation on the pipeline or heating surface.


Water dealkalization (removal of the temporary hardness, alkalinity and partial saline content) – H-cation exchange of water, pretreatment of natural water with high alkalinity.


Water desalination (dissolved salts removal) - H-, OH-ionization, application of filters with different loading for natural water demineralization.


Drastic water desalination (removal of ion traces), applied to mixed bed filters for distilled water production.




Types of ion-exchange resins

Cation exchange resins


Anion exchange resins




Strong acid cation exchange resins


Strong base anion exchange resins






    Purolite C 100C


    C 100 EC


    А 420 S, A 600


    C 150


    A 860

    C 160




    C 120 E









Weakly acidic cation exchange resins


Weakly basic anion-exchange resins







    Purolite А 100

    C 105


    А 103 S

    C 106


    A 830

    C 107Е