Chemical Industry

Clean, desalinated water is used in enterprises for technical tasks, such as: manufacturing; cleaning of raw materials and equipment; cooling of technological and power-generating equipment.

The company has designed and manufactured water treatment equipment for the following companies: “Chernigovhimvolokno”, "Nikopol Stainless Pipe Plant", "Prosyana GOK", Plant "Bioethanol", "Karpatsmoly", "Lumo", "Thorivsky distillery", "Azmol", "Technoinvest", "Stakhanov Technical Carbon Plant", "Orisil-Kalush", "Kalush pipe plant".

Modernisation of water treatment by-product recovery departments with modern efficient ion-exchange technology has been performed on "Crimean Soda Plant", Severodonetsk "Azot", "DnerAzot" and Odesa port plant.

The company has manufactured and set up low productivity desalination plants for charging electric batteries of a locomotive depot; print circuit board manufacturing; perfume and household chemicals production ("Johnson & Johnson", "Procter & Gamble" and others). Surface, ground and drinking water is used as feed water. Mechanical filtration and ultrafiltration are used in primary treatment. Reverse Osmosis and Ion-exchange are used for desalination.