Food Industry

Food production companies are one of the basic water customers. Various purified water applications for food stuff preparation have different requirements. For example, it is required to observe a certain ratio of sulfates to chlorides in the brewing process; juice preparation requires a set ratio of water desalination and partial removal of hardness and alkalinity. As a result, purified water is required to be absolutely decontaminated.

LLC “HydroTech Engineering” Co Ltd has used various technologies of water preparation for the food industry. They are: Reverse Osmosis, Ion-Exchange technology, Mechanical Filtration, Iron Removal, chlorine disinfection, ozone and non-oxidizing biocides.

Examples of completed projects in various branches of the food industry:




«Dairy Plant»

Ukraine, Kiyiv region., Bila Tserkva

Process water for dairy plant

Reverse Osmosis 2 m3/h of the drilled well.


Russia, Rostov region

Process water for starch production.

Reverse Osmosis installations 25+25 m3/h.

«National Vodka Company»

Ukraine, Cherkasy.

Process water for production of alcoholic beverages.

Mechanical filtration, Softening 16 m3 / h, Reverse Osmosis 12 m3 / h of the drilled well.

«The Wine House Logos»

Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk

Process water for wine production.

Mechanical filtration, Reverse Osmosis 2 m3/h of the drilled well.

«Mirgorod Mineral Water Plant»

Ukraine, Poltava region, Mirgorod

Drinking water for bottling.

Reverse Osmosis 30 m3/h of the drilled well.


Ukraine, Mykolaiv

Process water for juice production.

Reverse Osmosis 120 m3/h of the drilled well.

«Coca-Cola Beverages»

Ukraine, Kiyiv region, Brovary

Process water for juice and baby food production

Reverse Osmosis 45 m3/h of the clarified water

«Alef Vinal»

Ukraine, Crimea, Bagerovo.

Process water for cognac production.

There are two installations: Mechanical Filtration and Reverse Osmosis 3 m3 / h of the drilled well.