Municipal Sector

Currently, the water supply of municipal objects is one of the most important problems we have to deal with. Water quality must satisfy the requirements of State Sanitary Regulations and Standards (“Hygienic requirements to drinking water used for human consumption”, 2.2.4-171-10).

Frequently, not only regions but also many Ukrainian cities have the following shortcomings with municipal water:


High risk of the epidemiological danger (E.coli, total bacterial count);


Low quality of the water organoleptic properties (taste, odor, color, clarity);


Exceeding of some physico-chemical (ferrum, hardness… ) and sanitary- toxicological parameters (nitrates, chloroform…).

Presently, our company’s specialists solve the problem of water quality improvement for state objects (including preschool institutions, schools and hospitals).

A range of technical solutions for post-treatment have been developed and deployed. Process diagrams of systems for municipal water post-treatment include one or more purifying methods, such as:


Mechanical Filtration (cartridge or granular filtration);


Ion-Exchange technology (nitrates removal, softening);


Iron Removal;


Complex Treatment (FiltroSmart)


Ultraviolet Sterilization;




Reverse Osmosis.

There are three types of post-treatment installations for Dnepropetrovsk region (in accordance with different salt content of the water):

- up to 350-500 ppm;

- up to 1000 ppm;

- more than 1000 ppm.

The company’s specialised department carries out a full range of works: from design installation to their operation. These facilities include assembly and installation supervision, commencement, staff training and service maintenance during the warranty period and on after-sales service terms.