The Engineering design department is one of HydroTech’s major assets. Its purpose is the development of high level design concepts, specifically aimed to increase both the quality of the designed products and their manufacturing output.

Our specialists develop and design water treatment and waste water treatment systems, for such industries as metallurgy, power, pharmaceuticals, food and many others. They provide an individual approach to each bespoke project. Customers are presented with unique equipment designed to meet their specific requirements.

Design decisions are based on the use of modern high quality supplies and high-technology equipment from the best national and foreign international companies.

We have designed, built and commissioned many unique projects in relation to membrane separation technology, which meet necessary world standard requirements, and which were subsequently realized in the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Turkey and many other countries.

The main tasks and functions of the Engineering design department are:


Preproject design.


Preparation of initial data and tasks for design.


Complex design of water treatment systems and waste water treatment for various industries.


Assistance with on-site project review and with state supervisory authorities.


Project defence before state supervisory committees.


Quality monitoring and checking projects against design rules.


Design supervision of the project-build and maintenance in accordance with the project’s engineering and technical decisions and characteristics.

The use of cutting-edge technology is our company’s forte, evident throughout the project design and construction stages and within the project documentation.

Parametrical three-dimensional software modelling helps us provide high quality made-to-order projects with a minimal turnaround in appreciation of our clients’ time.

The Engineering design department performs equipment design, unification and standardization, which helps reduce the time for production preparation and equipment assembly.

The company’s corporate training programme is a constant process introduced to aid the exchange of experiences inside the company. Junior specialists attend on-going projects, trade fairs and seminars. Their combined experience and knowledge help to prevent erroneous decisions at all project design stages and to develop creative thinking.