Equipment manufacturing

HydroTech Engineering Co Ltd has been in the manufacturing business since 2003. Over the years we have built a strong team responsible for water treatment equipment assembly.

Our manufacturers deal with:


Welding of polymeric materials (polymeric tanks production and polymeric pipelines welding);


Welding of stainless steel parts (steel constructions and pipelines);


Welding of constructional steel;


Equipment assembly;


Metal-working of joints and parts;


Testing of ready-made equipment;


Hydraulic piping.

Steel constructions are made of stainless or constructional steel with a high quality powder-coating applied with certified equipment of leading European manufacturers.

Hydraulic piping is carried out with the use of polymeric materials supplied by +GF+, as well as with the use of pipe lines, fittings and stainless steel valves.

All equipment assembly is performed using design specifications produced and certified by our Engineering and Design department.