30.05.2011 06:52

Aqua-Therm Exhibition in Kyiv, 2011

"HydroTech Engineering" Ltd. Co participated in Aqua-Therm Exhibition in Kyiv, on May 16th, 2011.

18.03.2011 08:59

The World Water Day 2011

On March 22, everyone celebrates the World Water Day or the World Water Resources Day.

24.09.2010 19:47

International Water Forum AQUA UKRAINE-2010

"HydroTech Engineering" Ltd. Co is going to participate in AQUA UKRAINE-2010.

21.09.2010 07:10

International Forum "PHARMComplEX-2010"

"HydroTech Enginnering" Ltd. Co will participate in "PHARMComplEX-2010", the pharmaceutical International Forum.

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