Membrane technologies

Membrane technologies used in water treatment systems are based on the principle that pressurized water is divided through semi-permeable membranes.

The membrane technological process removes 99.8% impurities from water and allows clean water to be obtained from any water source.

Membrane technology is the most effective and economically efficient method of water purification.

The major membrane technologies are:




Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration;


Membrane Degasification;




Ultrafiltration is used for the removal of suspended solids, decreasing the turbidity and the content of organic substances (reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand, Biological Oxygen Demand). Ultrafiltration is the most effective technological process available for water clarification or feed water pretreatment for nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and ion-exchange.

During this process you can obtain such feed water characteristics, as:


Turbidity, less than 0.1 NTU


Sludge Density Index (15 minutes), less than 3.0


Virus and bacteria removal 4 log and more


Oxidation reduction by 65% or more.

Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration

Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration are used for desalination and water softening. Reverse osmosis technology doesn’t require many chemicals (such as acid or alkali); it is a continuous process.

Membrane Degasification

Membrane Degasification is used for the reduction of dissolved gases in treated water to protect it from oxide and carbon dioxide corrosion. Degasification occurs when dissolved gas molecules pass through the membrane fiber, which is impassable to water molecules. Thus, it is possible to achieve a complete removal of free carbon dioxide and a 5 mg / L reduction of dissolved oxygen;


Electro-deionization is used as an alternative to mixed-bed filters. This technology combines electro-dialysis and ion-exchange: it provides full water desalination in the areas of electrical technology, the power and pharmaceuticals industries. Such technology results in water resistivity of 18 MOhm; it does not require either acid or alkali usage. HydroTech Engineering Co Ltd has the status of Master Service Provider, acquired from Ionpure / Siemens Company, a leading equipment manufacturer of electro-deionization technologies. Nine engineers are certified in this technology and retainthe right of training and servicing of this equipment.