Depending on the desired quality and requirements of the water, the company can provide and apply all modern water treatment technologies to meet those requirements:


Ultrafiltration is used for the removal of suspended solids, decreasing the turbidity and the content of any organic substances (reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand and Biological Oxygen Demand). Ultrafiltration is the most effective technological process available for water clarification or feed water pretreatmnet for nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and ion-exchange. This technology provides a barrier against microorganisms and particles.

Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration

Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration are used for desalination and softening of the water. Reverse osmosis technology doesn’t require many chemicals (such as acids or alkali). It is a continuous process;

Membrane Degasification

Membrane Degasification is used for the reduction of dissolved gases in treated water to protect it from oxide and carbon dioxide corrosion;


Electro-deionization is used as an alternative to mixed-bed filters. This technology combines electro-dialysis and ion-exchange: it provides full water desalination in the fields of energy production, electronic technology and the pharmaceuticals industry;

The company also applies classical technologies of water treatment:

Chemical Treatment

Chemical Treatment is used for: effective filtration (coagulation and flocculation) of input water; corrosion process inhibition; bacterial treatment of purified water;

Mechanical Filtration

Mechanical Filtration is performed with self-cleaning filters and filters with granular media.


Decarbonation Water decarbonation is used to remove free carbon dioxide by aeration.

Ion-exchange technologies

Ion-exchange technologies can be used to facilitate systems with processes from simple softening, organic absorption and selective deionization to drastic desalination. This technology is applied to steam boilers of low and extra-high pressure, as well as in the electronic and pharmaceuticals industries. The company has experience in desalination projects utilising the Puropack (packed bed) technology.